Rummage the Stacks

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor Attendance

I missed a day! After swearing to be a better blogger on Monday--swearing I would write every day--I completely spaced on Tuesday.

Forgetting Tuesday, though, is better than the deep-freeze surrounding most of last semester.

The first couple days of the week this semester are really going to wear me out, though I think a lot of the excitement and hustle will start dying down after this first week is done. I hope it does, anyway; I love to teach but the start of each new semester (or ESL session) is tantamount to hostile takeovers in corporate law. The stress does something to people, somehow it changes them.

I'm auditing Japanese 101 this semester and I've already missed a day there, too; I was with a student but probably could have made it to the class on-time if I had rushed. Blaming the students when they are late to my classes is problematic when I, like them, make excuses for missing the first or second class meeting. "I swear I'll be there on Friday, teacher!"

Let's hope this truancy B. S. is something we can all shake before it starts shaking us.